Missed Resource

Hey XIBO friends,

in my installation there is often an error log message like this:

| 16529 | 2017-03-13 05:57:23 | error | Client | [FileAgent_resource_Id_1098291423] FileAgent - Run | Exception in Run: Unable to get the media resource | /xibo179/xmds.php?v=4

Can you please help me to locate the missed media (or file). I’m unable to isolate the problem. Maybe you can help me to read the log message to find the problem.

Many thanks,

That’s not a file uploaded to the CMS, it’s most likely from ticker rss feed if you have it on your layout.

If you have ticker with rss feed, please let me know the address of it so we can check it in our environment.

Yes, there are 6 RSS-Feeds, pointing to our ILIAS-Installation (www.ilias.de).
Normally, there will be nothing in this feed. We use it only to send hot news, then delete the information also very quickly.

One URL is: http://ilias.bbs3-lueneburg.de/ilias/feed.php?client_id=bbs3lg&ref_id=17481
The other 5 only ends with other ref_ids, same URL-construct.

Validation with W3C-Validation tool für Feeds (https://validator.w3.org/feed/ ) tells me only one optimazation, but congratulate to a valid feed.

Thanks for Your response and help.

When you add news to the feed is it correctly displayed on the player?

Perhaps due to nature of your feeds (quickly added/deleted content) and ticker update interval (which is 120min by default) sometimes it tries to download a resource while it was already deleted.

You might want to also edit your ticker -> advanced tab
Add a text there which will appear when your ticker is empty.