Minimum hardware requirements


We are currently running Xibo on the Minix Neo Z64A, and it’s working great!

But I were wondering if it would be able to achieve the same results using cheaper hardware.
I’ve been roaming alibaba for a couple of hours now, and it seems like you can get pretty decent specs for way cheaper.

My question overall is -
Would 1GB of RAM be enough to display HD-videos? (Only 1 video in layout)

The rest of the specs are:
CPU: RK3368 Octa-Core(1.5GHZ)
GPU: Quad-Core Mali-T6X series
OS: Android 5.1

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards


So, we have a list with our recommended hardware (with z64 on the list too)

The cheaper x5 also have 1GB RAM, while they are not nearly as powerful as z64, they should still do fine with hd videos.

In this kind of cases, we can’t really say that it will or that it will not work will full confidence.
I’d suggest to order one test device before committing to a larger quantity.

Then I might just order one of these boxes ($30) and see what it can handle.
I’ll post the result here.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Kind regards