Migration of existing xibo to your paid for cloud solution


Probably not the best time to be asking (Bank Holiday Weekend)

I have one specific site that currently only has one display, it seems daft not to use your paid for cloud solution, especially as the pc running the cms keeps freezing, is there any way to migrate a xibo instance running under docker on a local pc to your cloud solution.

I’m not seeing anything in the general features or FAQ’s under cloud services about doing that.

I’m guessing it’s a simple case of zipping or tar’ing up the xibo folder and sending it somewhere.



Yes, it should be possible to migrate your database / library into a paid CMS Instance in our Cloud.

Once you will have an instance with us, please create a new support ticket and we will sort it out for you.

Excellent - I can’t set this up for a couple of weeks, wrong place at the moment.

Another reason for doing this, as it’ll be easier to update layouts remotely.

I’ll be in touch