Migration 1.8.11 to 3.0.3

Hi, how can I upgrade Xibo 1.8.11 to 3.0.3 without Docker? I am running Xibo with an Apache server.

I am getting much errors and I do not understand if I am doing well or not the migration.

Could someone explain me? Please.

Thank you.

basically you need:
PHP 7.2
pay attention to all php.ini configuration requirements reported by Xibo

Delete the 1.8.11 files, keeping only the ‘web/settings.php’ file (that is your database connection)

Paste the new CMS V2.3 files into the old CMS files folder

Configure the folder ‘vendor/bin’ according to the topic below:

Open CMD in administrator mode, and run the command:
'php vendor/bin/phinx migrate -c phinx.php'

You have migrated to version 2.3, now do the same process, updating the files to version CMS 3.0.3

Delete the files keeping the web/settings.php file

Configure the ‘vendor/bin’ folder (again)

Run the command in CMD in administrator mode:
'php vendor/bin/phinx migrate -c phinx.php'

And that’s it, theoretically it should work fine :slight_smile:

Ah important detail!
It may be that some pages do not load correctly, so try increasing the ‘Maximum Query String (Bytes)’ to 8192 in your website server configuration file (web.config or .htaccess, or similar)

Here is the Xibo upgrade tutorial too:

Let me know if it worked!

Hope this helps

Thank you very much pitoco02, I did the migration from 1.8 to 3.0.3.

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