Migrate from WAMP to LAMP

Hi all,

About half a year ago, I installed the XIBO CMS on a WAMP and the client on a Windows 7 machine. This was a test phase, and we’ve now decided to really go for XIBO. For that, I wanted to put the CMS on a dedicated LAMP-server. The installation went very smoothly. I’ve copied the MySQL-database from the WAMP to the LAMP.

A few problems remain:

  • How can I copy the users?
  • How can I copy the media?
  • How can I copy the layouts?
  • How can I copy the schedule?

Has anyone done this before?

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All you would do is copy over the CMS library, settings.php and the database to your new server.

You then extract a new download of Xibo to wherever you’re going to install Xibo, and your settings.php file. Edit settings.php and enter the credentials to connect to the database you’ve restored on to the new server.

Then access Xibo. It will perform an upgrade and then allow you to log in. All you’ll need to do is change the CMS library setting to match the new location you’ve copied the files to.

Be sure that the entire CMS library is writable by your webserver’s user - otherwise you’ll have problems down the line.

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