Migrate from 1.8 debian/apache/mysql to debian/docker lastest


i have a 1.8.2 cms running on debian/unix, with apache2 and MySql
i have 10 client, intel nuc on windows

i want to upgrade to lastest version, and on the same time, upgrade to docker install, if possible on the same machine (virtual, i can create a new VM but i would use the same as possible)

the VM host other apache/mysql apps, and other apache/postgres app

whats is the best way to upgrade the CMS ?


Follow the instructions for upgrade and switch to Docker in the manual, importing your existing database and library in the process.


Configure Docker to run on a custom port per the SSL instructions in the guide below, and configure your existing Apache server to reverse proxy in to the container, maintaining your old URL.



We have decided to upgrade in 1.8.11 without docker for the moment (cause this server host other apache/php/mysql site and we want only one way to manage/upgrade the site)

in a few weeks, we will create another VM didecated to xibo or dedicated to multi docker install

upgrade to 1.8.11 without docker is easy, only a small error cause of mcrypt (cause we use PHP 7.3, there is a way to ignore this error editing the file /lib/helper/environnment.php
(Can find mcrypt in PHP 7)

the CMS works perfectly, on my way to upgrade windows xibo-client :slight_smile: