Media showing that was removed - 1.8.1

Not sure when this problem became a problem. We started this server with 1.8.1 and the clients using R101.

I noticed media in a screen shot that was removed days ago from the player. So since the screen having the issue was on R101 then. I think R102 is not the issue, as it was installed after the media was added and removed.

Why the media is still showing I have no idea. But it surely has not been directly assigned to the client, and is not on any schedules for the screen. The media is scheduled on other clients. It may have been added to this screen at one point, but I am not sure.

I would like help to track this down and make sure this does not happen anymore. I am thinking the cms is confusing media when multiple files are uploaded and added to at layout at once. Need to get to the bottom of this ASAP as we do not need media showing on the wrong client’s screens.

Ok, found the media that was causing the issue. It was media that was saved under the name of a different media files name. I just don’t know why or how it was transferred to the CMS like that. But it could easily be a bug on our side as this particular media item was uploaded via the API.

Or so I thought that the problem was the file saved as another media items name. The file showing on the screens was a file uploaded via the API. But the file that should of been showing was not uploaded via the API. And it happened to be our default layout with our logo that was not working. Doh.

When I went into the layout on the CMS I could see the wrong image being shown, as it was the first item on the playlist. So I went to delete it. That is when I noticed that on the playlist editor the correct image that matched the filename showed in the thumbnail. I hit save, but still it showed the incorrect file. So I went back into the playlist editor and then removed the file from the playlist. I removed the file from the media library, re-uploaded the file, and re-added it to the playlist. Hopefully all is fine now.

Any ideas? Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

Was it just uploaded via the API or did it also replace old file ( ie upload with oldMediaId, updateInLayouts removeOldRevisions) ?

What you’re saying is that incorrect image that was displayed in the designer (and players) had a thumbnail of a different image when you looked at it in region timeline? :confused:
If it was replaced (by mistake or otherwise) I guess it could be cache perhaps? As clearly players were not showing the image that you’ve seen in the thumbnail.

Is it possible that when you were uploading this ‘incorrect’ image via API that you passed wrong oldMediaId with the call, so then it replaced an image that it shouldn’t have?

Was just uploaded via the API, no replace.

Correct. But the thumbnail image in the playlist editor was the correct thumbnail for the file name.

I don’t think so, as we only have one API call that updates media, and that is to set the duration after the media is uploaded. This is done on all media uploaded via the API, and so far everything else seems fine.

In that case, I’m not sure why such situation could occur.

It would seem likely that something went wrong on replace or that thumbnail was somehow cached after replace?

@dan ideas?