Media lost after reboot

PM me TeamViewer credentials and I’ll have a quick look now for you.

here are my credentials, thank you

EDIT: removed credentials

I’ve removed your credentials - this is a public forum and I very much doubt you want those shared for anyone to view.

Alex is not in the office until Monday now - please PM (private message) him the details on Monday and he will take a look then.

Running version 1.8.7. Ran docker-compose stop and start and the “lost” data did not return. Container is running from C:\Xibo. There are data (images, xlf, etc) files in c:\xibo\shared\cms\library.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

As far as Docker is concerned, C:\Xibo and c:\xibo are different directories.

Please be sure you’re in the correct one inside the PowerShell console before stopping and starting the containers.

It’s also well worth checking in the Docker settings that your C: drive is still shared with Docker.

Capitalization was a typo. The dir is c:\xibo. C is shared.

One of those things can’t be true, or what is in shared isn’t the data you’re expecting.

If you upload a new media item in to the CMS now, does it appear in the shared/cms/library directory? If so, then what you’re seeing now is the data in your shared directory.

I uploaded an image to the CMS, but it does not appear in shared/cms/library. Please advise.

Still having the same issues. please advise.

If you can do it in the next 5-10 minutes, PM me TeamViewer details and I’ll have a look for you

I have to go now. Try stopping the containers, unsharing and resharing the C: drive in the Docker settings. Then starting the containers again.

Alex, I’m having the same issue after upgrading to 2.02. My shared>cms>library folder shows all my content; however, when tryign to login to Xibo none of my users work except the default xibo_admin AND all my content is missing. Could you provide any help?

If you stop and start the containers, does it rectify the problem?

That did not rectify the problem.

It implies then that the database is not in the shared/db folder as it should be.

Firstly, stop the containers, go in to the Docker settings, unshare and reshare the hard drive, and then start the containers again.

If that doesn’t work, if you look in shared/backup, are there recent database backups?

I’ve tried stopping the containers and resharing the hard drive, but that didn’t do anything.

There are several backups after upgrading to 2.0 from 1.8, but nothing before that. If there is any possibility of a teamviewer session or anything else I’d be happy to let you look at it.

OK I can take a look for you this morning. Please PM me TeamViewer credentials and I’ll look when I have a space.