Media Library upload from URL

Hi all,

Is there a way in media library to upload a media from an URL like in Wordpress ?

I just want to upload pictures from my nextcloud storage to not have to download first on my laptop and after upload to my xibo server ?

Thanks a lot in advance,

My Xibo Digital Signage : Version 1.7.7 - PHP 5.6.30 - Apache/2.4.10 - Debian 3.16.51

No I’m afraid there’s no function to do that directly and have them appear in the media library.

You could download them directly in to a dataset, but then that will limit your use of them somewhat in the CMS.

ok thanks alex.

i think we will develop this functionnality soon, publish in github and send you a pul request.
is there a devel guide ?


Thanks for the update.

The documentation you need to look at is here:

You’ll need to sign the CLA before submitting your pull request.