Media Library permissions causing issues


I’ve just set up Xibo for a signage screen which is managed by several people.
To do this I have created a single layout which the staff can edit.
Staff also have access to the media library. The default permission for the library is “public”.

When staff log in they have a reduced dashboard which only shows Layouts & Media.

We would like all staff to be able to add and remove media to the layout. However, in practise, what has happens is that the layout will only allow the user to edit/delete images they have uploaded to media library. This means they can’t delete items from the layout which renders the whole thing useless from a team perspective.

How would I configure Xibo to allow all staff edit the layout?

Its all low risk content so there is no need to lock the system down to a ridiculous level.

many thanks

You’d need to give them permissions to view/edit/delete layout with "Update these permissions on all layouts, regions and media."
You’d also need to give the permissions to view/edit/delete for new media files (uploaded by different user).

It would be probably good to create a new user group set permissions for it and add all needed users(perhaps Group admin type) to that userGroup.


As a short term fix I’ve elevated every user to a Group Admin - this works well.

Can you explain further what is meant by “You’d also need to give the permissions to view/edit/delete for new media files (uploaded by different user).” please? Other than elevating the user to a Group Admin I couldn’t find any option to do a blanket permission which allows all users to edit all media.

Yeah, you’d need to give those permissions to each media file individually - the same way you do for each layouts.

Although Group admins should see all media files uploaded by their group members, so that should be fine.