Media Library Location on Docker Installation

Hello there.

First of all, great job to the Xibo team, this CMS is really awesome and full of amazing features !

I just have a little question about the media library location.
I searched across topics and I didn’t find the answer.

I want to install my Xibo on a distant server, while having my media library on a local server. The thing is, I use the Docker Installation (and I’m still making test), and I didn’t run into some kind of assistant installation.
I was thinking about changing the yml files at the installation to change the library location, but I saw that the medias are put in the same place as the libraries needed for Xibo, so I’m not sure it’s a good idea.

So, is there a way to put just the media library outside of the Xibo files now ?

Also, is it possible to have multiple library servers (without them being connected between each others) ?

Thank you,

You can’t do that I’m afraid.

The library needs to be on the same server as the CMS.

The only way you could have it remote would be to use some kind of remote filesystem and mount that in to your shared/cms/library directory, however, it will be extremely slow and really isn’t recommended.