Maximum concurrent downloads


I have the following problem:
XIBO 1.7.9

We use 1 layout with 2 regions
Region 1 :
used to add images and is positioned outside the layout
Region 2:
One item, embedded webpage

If i add images to region 1, and adjust Region 2, the layout will be modified.

Action Player:
If maximum current downloads is set to 1, the player should download as follows:

  • Images
  • Layout

But what i have noticed, is the following download sequence:

  • Layout
  • Images

This causes the following problem (Expire Modified Layouts is ON):
Layout is downloaded and will play immediately, while the images are not (yet) downloaded
Resulting in incomplete images on the screen

Is there a solution for this problem?


The Player will download files in whatever order they are available.

Once a file is downloaded, it’s check-summed to make sure it hasn’t been damaged or tampered with in transit. Once all files for a layout are received and check-summed, that layout can play.

The only exception to that with the 1.7.9 CMS is if you applied a modification we gave on this forum for people who have very large numbers of media items in a single layout. That caused an issue where layouts would never play, since their dependencies were never met.

If you applied that patch, the side effect is that layouts may try to run without having their dependencies checked (since the patch disabled that behaviour).

The issue was properly resolved in 1.7.10 CMS and I’d recommend upgrading to that.


Thank you Alex for your reply!