Many connections to CMS Server

Even setting 2 players for 30 minutes Interval, my provider is displaying statistics from very high access.

2 Players connecting every 30 minutes would generate a maximum of 96 connections per day, but the access is more than 2000 per day.

I watched and realized that there is more than one connection per minute, which can be causing this?

Only today have already been counted more than 90 connections per hour per player.

It seems that the access is made by my computer when I leave the open interface in the browser.

From what I understand, if you leave the open CMS screen on the computer, even if it does not make a refresh on the screen, the PC will be accessing the AGE infinitely many times.

When I do off the system, excessive accesses cease, and only the players continue to access normally.

Why this happens?

When you are logged into the web interface there are various background requests to update things like the clock, your login status, etc.

Depending on the page you leave it on, there might some other call happening to (layout designer has a layout status call too, for example).

3000 connections per day is very low loading - i’m not sure why that would be a problem?

Thanks for the feedback.

No problem, the problem would be if the displays were accessing in a shorter time than the set, got it?

As the hits are the platform is ok.

Good evening.

Display may well access in a shorter time than the collection interval - see this article: How do Players communicate with the CMS?