Lost Video and Twitter feed

I was running in demo mode and had set everything up:

  1. Twitter Feed from:GilesBrookSch
  2. Movie running
  3. News scrolling along the bottom
  4. Time

The demo expired so I have paid this morning for 2 displays. Since then

  1. Twitter says There are no tweets to display, which obviously isn’t the case.
  2. The movie won’t run…

Any ideas? I’ve had a notification email for the order… I’ve tried rescheduling it…


Could you tell me if you did the following:

Xibo Cloud Users
The process of connecting to the Twitter API is simplified for Spring Signage Cloud customers.

From the Modules page of the CMS, find the Twitter Provider module, click on the row menu for this module and select Connect to Twitter.
In the newly opened form click the Login with Twitter button, to allow you to authorise the CMS to connect via your Twitter account.
Follow the on-screen instructions to authorise the CMS to use your Twitter account.

So that should fix the twitter issue.

As for the video I’ll continue the discussion via pm.