Lost mysgl and the XIBO Server

I use 1.7.8. I often get the INODDB error i use XAMPP on windows 7. I often clear the log files in the C:\xampp\mysql\data directory which was recommended. MYSQL will not start and i can’t login into the server. I have an old backup of my XIBO server on usb.

Can anyone suggest what my steps are to recover this installation? I am in a bit of a crunch because i have to push out new content each Thursday which is now 2 days away.

Thank you for any suggestions

You absolutely can’t just delete files from the MySQL data directory. Doing that will break your database.

We certainly do recommend truncating the log in the database, but using the proper tools to do that - not by directly deleting files.

You’ll need to either put the files you delete back again, and restart MySQL server service, or restore from your backup.

Thank you…i restored the files but still can’t get the DB to start.

Were the containers stopped when you took the backup? You can’t copy those files while they are in use.

If not, you’ll need to restore from a good backup. If you don’t have one, then I’m afraid your data is likely lost. You could try looking at the mysql logs and seeing if there’s anything you can do to fix what you have - but I wouldn’t be able to advise you on that. You would need to post on a forum specific to MySQL.