Lost Ability to Change Hardware Key

I was wondering why the ability to change the hardware keys disappeared fro Xibo Android Client.

I came across this article Here and wondered why it disappeared. A while back we were trying to image Android devices and ended up with the same problem. Now we do it differently, but still I am curious as to why.

We haven’t removed that ability - the number of settings has been cut down as some of them have moved to the CMS central management, but hardware key is still there…

Or are you seeing it, but can’t edit it?

Hi Dan,

We used to be able to change the hardware keys on the Android clients. Somewhere between for 6.X and 1.7.3 we no longer seem to have that option. On the Android client it was under settings. Now if you go to settings, enter the password, the screen just disappears and goes back to what it was displaying.

If the screen just disappears then the password you’re entering is wrong. If you enter the correct password you’ll still be taken to the settings page where you can change the hardware ID.

The password is set as part of the Display Settings Profile on the CMS so you can change it there if you don’t know what it is.



I figured it out. Problem was between the left ear and the right ear.

Thank you.