Looping Single Image Best Practice

Looking for best practice/setup for Android players, one image, 7h59m duration. I want a loop without a black screen. Just don’t set a duration and loop the region? Or should I set the duration of the image to be 7h59m, or should the layout duration be 7h58m? I have a 2nd layout setup the same way, single image, 7h0m, that will follow the 1st. Let’s say the daypart is 09:00 to 16:59, then 17:00 to 23:00 for the 2nd layout. I don’t care about the blackout between layouts, just on the looped layouts.

Please do take a look at the Understanding Media Duration FAQ, and do come back to us if you have further questions.

Thank you

Ok, I think I understand now.

I have one image in a region, looped, with no duration. The background image is the same as the region media library image. What is weird is that the layout will not play if set as a priority other than zero. There is a default layout set that will always play and it too is setup the same way (single image in looped region with background image the same as that image)

You need to set a duration for your media item. If the duration set is less than the amount of time the Layout is Scheduled for, the media item will ‘reload’ until the Scheduled time is satisfied. If you have just the 1 image in the Region then there is no need to have a ‘loop’ as it will always be showing the same image.

You could put your image in a full-size region and set a duration of 28799 seconds (7h59m59s)


If the only image you want to show is the same as the set background image, you could create a small region just outside of the canvas boundary, with any form of media in it (for example a small text region). Set the duration for that small out of boundary region to 28799 seconds, but only the background image will constantly display.

To exclude the default layout from being shown ensure that the default layout is not set to interleave within your cycle of content by editing your Display: Displays>edit>advanced>interleave default layout set to NO.

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