Looping: 1 region with multiple images, & flashes

I m new to xibo. I need to figure out if I am going crazy lol So I only installed the CMS portions of the application. I set up 2 regions. The one region has multiple files the bottom region has 1 flash file that loops (from flash directly). I preview the both regions through the previewer and I noticed that it stops and shows “play again”. I am confused on how to set the regions up so it loops all the time.

Region 1:
image 1: 5 sec
image 2: 5 sec
image 3: 5 sec
image 4: 5 sec

Region 2
Flash (.swf, internal loop)

So when I preview it, it stops playing. what I want it to do is continue to loop. How do I set that up. Do I need the 2nd half of the installation ( client side) to make it happen or can the previewer work as indicated.

The other issue is transition. non of the transition work I am on version Version 1.7.6. thank you in advance

Hint: What duration is assigned to the flash file? You can view this information in the library.

I believe the preview will show one cycle of the layout. This period is determined by the durations of the media in the layout. Region 1 duration is 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 seconds, so 20 seconds total. Region 2 duration is whatever you’ve assigned to the flash file. When you upload a flash file, it’s default duration is 10 seconds. If the flash file’s duration is less than 20 seconds, one cycle of the layout will be 20 seconds (because of the sum of the media in region 1.)