Loop video in html5 don't working on xibo

When I attached a video in HTML5, the video can’t loop. However, when the video stand alone (without HTML5) it can loop smoothly. What problem with tag on Xibo?

What CMS and client (windows/android) versions do you use please?

What exactly is the problem? Does the html5 needs additional time to load?

If it’s Windows client, please update it to the newest version, install IE 11 and make registry change (browser emulation) like described here: Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player
perhaps it will help you with the playback.

I’m using CMS version 1.7.5, android 4.2.2 and running on Xibo browser.
My problem is how to replay the video when it finish.
I want to use in HTML5, and I also want to reply it. Unfortunately, at the end of the video, it stop and no way to control it.

Ah you’re using Android client - HTML5 Video on Android

If it’s possible to update the firmware / android version, then it could help.

If you’d want to, you can export your layout and share the download link with me (via pm) so I’ll check how does it look like on our devices.

Thank you for support, if i have any questions I will contact you later.