Login Redirection Issue

I not sure if this might be a bug, but there seems to be an issue with redirection after login in the following scenario:

I have xibo (1.8-rc1) installed in Bitnami WAMP under a directory called ‘Xibo’. E.g. http://localhost/xibo/

When logged off, trying to navigate to a Xibo URL (e.g. ‘http://localhost/xibo/web/layout/view’) will direct you to the Login Page - so far so good.

However, when ‘Login’ is clicked, the redirected URL loses the subdirectory /xibo/web/ and results in a ‘NOT FOUND’ error from WAMP. So http://localhost/xibo/web/layout/view becomes http://localhost/layout/view.

Is this a bug, or an issue with my setup?


Issue with your setup.

1.8 requires a very different environment to 1.7.

Your web folder should be the only part of the install you expose via your webserver - so http://localhost/xibo should be hitting the web folder of your install - not the folder above web.

You can do that either by changing the web root in your apache configuration, probably using an alias as you’re using a sub directory, or by extracting Xibo elsewhere and symlinking xibo to point to your web directory.

You then need to edit your .htaccess file in the web directory to tell the system that you’re running under the path /xibo

Thanks! My mistake then.


Just quickly, do you have an updated install guide for 1.8 with correct configuration example for WAMP?

The current ones seem out of date and don’t mention the configuration above.

We do - it’s in the 1.8 series manual: