"Logged In" status when register new display

Hi Xibo staffs,

I am using Xibo 1.8 and I have an issue. When I register new displays, some displays have a cross, some have a tick on “Logged In” column. According to Xibo documentation, a tick or cross showing whether the display has logged in recently. Therefore, I think all displays should have tick in this case. In your code, I see that you have set default value ($display->loggedIn = 1) in RegisterDisplay method. However, when add new display, the insert statement does not include any params like “loggedIn”. I wonder this is a bug or you have other reasons for this

Thanks in advance,
Harvey Nguyen

Logged in is calculated based on whether we’ve seen the Player in the expected timeframe.

So when you register a display, it will be logged in initially, but then if you don’t run the Player, it will go to not logged in after the collection interval has passed.

So say your display settings profile has a collection interval of 5 minutes. When you register the display, logged in will be tick. If you then don’t run the player, just after 5 minutes have passed, the logged in will change to a cross. If you run the Player application, it will check in with the CMS every 5 minutes, keeping the logged in as a tick.