Local Web Server is dead Error

Hello there!

I am facing the follow error with CMS:

PLAYER | ERROR | onEventBackgroundThread - HeartBeatEvent | POST | Local Web Server is dead. Start again.
startWebServer - cannot start webserver: bind failed: EADDRINUSE (Address already in use)

Is there any way to check inside the docker e fix this error? I guess that are 2 or more things trying to listen at port 80…

By the way, I can access the CMS normally.


Do you have more than one player installed on your device?

Or any other application that may use port 9696?

Has nothing to do with the CMS itself, it’s player local web server, which by default runs on port 9696.

You can change that port in:
Display Settings → Edit display profile assigned to your device → Advanced tab → Embedded Web Server Port

Obviously if you have more than one Xibo player installed on one device you will want to ensure that they are using different ports, otherwise you will receive the errors as the one in your post.

Hello Peter,

I don’t have more than 1 payer running at the same device. By the way I will change the Embedded Web Server port to another one and check if it will fix.


Fixed! can close this.