Local video loop problem

Under xibo 1.8.2, using the Spring Signage Androidn player, I am experiencing a problem regarding local video looping.
I need to loop a video of arround 200Mb, so i cannot use Media Library, which only support files up to 2Mb.
Using local video option, i can start playingthe video normally, but the player wont play the second loop of the video, only the audio.
When the second loop finished, Android plays the third loop without problem, but the fourth fails too.

This keeps ocurring, and i’m not able to solve the issue, neither changing codec nor compressing the video.

Thank you in advance: David

Hi David

You should upload the video to the CMS. There’s no 2MB limit. That’s just the default configuration from PHP. If you work through the CMS post installation guide it will show you what to change.

Re: loop. You almost never want it set. All you do is put the video in a region on it’s own and schedule it from say 8am to 8pm and the video will just loop over and over by itself.

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