Local Network ve Xibo

I want to try Xibo in a bank. But they certainly do not allow access to the internete. I just need to use it on the local network. In this case, can I use Xibo with windows PCs?

I have only installed Xibo in an on-premise model and not had any issues. Some organisations may want to put Xibo entirely on it’s own private network or subnet, or may want the server in one DMZ and the clients separate.

These will all work fine, if you have a local server. You do not ‘need’ a cloud host.

As Andy mentioned, you will need to have the CMS hosted on your internal server and players on the same network so they can access it without internet access.

If you will use Windows players then that’s all, if you will want to use android players, then there are two options, either allow them to reach our licencing server (over internet) or purchase on-premise(offline) licencing module if they will not have internet access at all.

We plan to install xibo CMS on our server in our local network.
We plan to Android players on premise license. Players do not have internet access under normal conditions, only in some cases internet access is turned on.
When players access the internet internally, we also have to do online licensing.
Second question is,
Do we also need a license for our Windows or Linux server, which is available on our local network?