Local library server xibo

Whether the local library of the server xibo can be changed?
for e.g my local library C:\Program Files (x86)\Xibo Player\watchdog\x86, and i want to changed with ip or another link directory. if can, how the way?

and if i want to changed it, sholud i also need to install xibo cms again?

I highly doubt that is the path to your library, if it’s then you might want to change that.

Xibo for Windows local library is, by default, C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Xibo Library
You can change that in player’s option, just make sure that whatever the new location is player will be able to read/write to it.

CMS library is completely separate from player local library and must not, under any circumstances, be set to the same path as the player local library.

It should be also a fully qualified path to the library ie not just library/ but /path/to/xibo/library