Load balancing (IIS) for Xibo


I am facing the problem when setting up the load balance for Xibo using IIS. As you know, we only set up 01 Xibo CMS address for XDMS at client. If the CMS has load balance, that means there are 2 servers of CMS, which server should be inputted to the Xibo client? And other problem is the required library file just existed in 01 CMS server => some functions ot working properly.

Is there any way to solve my problem?

You need a load balancer sat in front of your two IIS servers - which health checks the application servers, and sends traffic to the healthy backends.

Your application servers need to have a resilient shared filesystem which the server library lives on - so they both see the same view of the server library.

You’ll need more than a couple of servers to achieve that I’m afraid.

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So the current Xibo version doesn’t support to build a load balancer sat, right? The address should be inputted to to Xibo client is the load balancer sat? Is there any tutorial to build a load balancer?

Thanks for your quick reply.

Xibo itself doesn’t provide a load balancer no. You would need to put a load balancer in front of multiple Xibo servers.

There’s no tutorial for doing so. It’s how we run our Cloud platform so it’s definitely possible.

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Thank you very much for supporting me.