Live TV via RSTP using Android


Currently we are running on CMS 1.7.5,
and we are using Android Box Minix Neo U1 as Player with Xibo Player vR60

For the first step, we make sure Live TV using RSTP already working and running good over device below

  1. Windows using VLC > open network stream
  2. Android(Minix) using VLC > open network stream
    and for the result, all device displaying RSTP Live TV with good quality

But after we create content via CMS for displaying Live TV base on

Stream CCTV IP Camera in to Xibo for Android

we can describe the step below:

  1. Activate Local Video Module
  2. Add Local Video Module into region
  3. Set video path to rstp:// (same as address that we’re using VLC)
  4. set duration to 300 seconds
  5. Change default layout to Streaming Layout

we still unable displaying Live TV into Android Xibo Player

So what’s we have to solve for this issue ?

Thank You

What error does it show in status window?

It would be highly recommended to upgrade the CMS to 1.7.9 and Xibo for Android to 1.7R64.

Other than that, could you please try using the following example stream in local video in Xibo to see if that will work for you - rtsp://

If that works, then it could imply an issue with your local stream configuration, so we will focus on that then.

Hi Peter,

thank you for response,
the LINK that you give us, it’s working fine and can play at Xibo Android Player

So, as you said that we can focusing on our local stream configuration to solve this issue,
so what exactly that stream configuration we must to set to fullfill the xibo RSTP need ?

We really hope we can solve this issue.

Thank you

Hi Peter,

we’re success to modified,
there is some configuration we need to improve from our rtsp encoder

thank you for your support