Linux server crashed


Our Xibo Linux Server crashed. We managed to install a new instance of Ubuntu and keep the files from the previous installation. My question is can I install Xibo from scratch while using the data that I had been using before?


Yes you can. You should be able to just up the containers with the old files.

If the database is corrupt, then in the worst case you can restore from the latest backup file in the shared/backup folder in the same way as you would if you were moving to docker (ie extract and put it as shared/db/import.sql and then bring the containers up.

I think that we didn’t use dockers when we installed the linux server. What do you mean by ‘containers’? Is it related to dockers?

By the way is there a Linux installation? I don’t see it on the website.

If you didn’t use Docker then there’s so many ways you could have set it up I can’t advise you directly.

Broadly you need to do the install again, and then restore the last good backup of your database and library.