Linux Player shows logged out on the server

Player Version

xibo-player v1.8-R6 Rev 108



Does anyone face an issue that xibo linux player shows logged out on the server while the screen continue to play the content which was scheduled. meaning the player is not stuck. process is also running:

user@pc:~$ ps -ef | grep watchdog
root 98 2 0 Dec20 ? 00:00:00 [watchdogd]
user 1668 1081 0 Dec20 tty1 00:00:01 watchdog

user@pc:~$ ps -ef | grep xibo-player
user 4669 1668 78 Dec21 tty1 10:14:24 /snap/xibo-player/108/bin/player

the image below is from the cms:

Any idea what could be the reason for that?

the problem resolves by using “pkill player” command, watchdog will call the app again and after that it will show logged in.

It’s very important to have a stable solution. restarting the app whenever it happens it’s the best solution.

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