Linux Player - Requirements and problems



I have had a 1.8 Server setup for a few months with 2-3 windows displays connected without issue. I’d like to use the Linux player to avoid Windows licensing requirements so am trying to get it working. I’ve looked for information but can’t seem to find it, so sorry if it’s out there and I haven’t noticed it.

I tried installing a Centos minimal install, with Snap and installed Xibo but it just complained giving “gnome” errors, so I installed x windows and a minimal gnome desktop but it still didn’t work correctly.

Instead I installed the 18.04 LTS Ubuntu and installed the player from the snap store. Populated the options and the player loaded but just displayed the Xibo logo. The display was authorised, player closed, but when I restarted it I just got errors.

I updated to 18.10, but the same issue happened and I am now just updating to 19.04 to see if the problem still continues.

I ran the command:
xibo-player --host x.x.x.x --server-key 1234567 --hardware-key ####################
and received the following error…

[13:26:56.154] [006801] [debug]: Player settings updated
[13:26:56.160] [007000] [debug]: Collection started
[13:26:56.170] [007000] [debug]: Scheme: 0 HostType: 1 Host: x.x.x.x Port: 80 Target: /xmds.php?v=5
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injectorboost::property_tree::ptree_bad_path >’
what(): No such node (collectInterval)

My questions:

  1. Can Xibo-player run on linux without a desktop installed?

  2. If a desktop is required, does it have to be gnome?

  3. Are there any per-requisites that need to be installed with it?

  4. does it have to run under sudo?

  5. Any idea what my current problem is?

I don’t use Linux day to day so I’m not that familiar with the folder structure and fault finding. Any dummies guidance would be great?

Thanks in advance