Linux direct-lvm Mode for Docker


If using direct-lvm mode as part of Docker then do I run each Xibo docker container on a new volume or do I have one volume and let Docker manage it?

Docker say in production that direct-lvm mode should be configured.


@smunir, I don’t have any experience with devicemapper, but I don’t think there is any relationship between containers and your pool–Docker just configures the pool system-wide. Since the pool just holds your active containers, your media and other large files are still loaded via mounts.

Also, to clarify for anyone who does stumble upon this post, the recommendation to use direct-lvm only applies to installations utilizing devicemapper as the storage driver. This option is currently the driver du jour for CentOS, Oracle Linux, and RHEL only.

You can read more about storage drivers, including the pros and cons of each at

Documentation for configuring direct-lvm is here:

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