Library does not show any files although i see them when adding in layout

I look at my library from the link on the left side of the screen and i see no files listed. However when i go in to adjust the layout the file show the but i cannot add the files there. is there an issue i am missing i have tried 3 different main line browsers and still nothing.
Please help

Welcome to the community.

Could you let us know what version CMS you are using and your installation method?

Has this recently happened (from an upgrade? if so from which version?)

Are you a Super Admin user of the CMS?

You should be able to add Media files in the Layout Designer as well as using the Library section of the main menu, could you provide screenshots if possible?

i was able to figure out the issue… it was a caching issue… i logged into a different device and was able to see all of the files…

Happy to hear that you have resolved this :+1:

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