Layouts Invalid

The problem I am having is that almost every layout I create is showing in the CMS as being invalid. They all display on the player just fine, but they are marked as invalid in the CMS and I cannot utilize the layout preview on them in the CMS (I get the black screen with the red border only).

The layouts each include only one region that covers the entire 1920x1080 area. The consist of only one .jpg file in the region that is typically set for a looping 600 second run. I don’t understand what is “invalid” about them. The contain a region and the region is not empty. Also, as I mentioned, the client player displays them with no problem, despite being labeled invalid by the CMS.

Any thoughts?


You know what? I actually answered my own question. I did not realize that the CMS was automatically creating a region as soon as I created a new layout. I was actually adding a second region without realizing it, which, of course, means that there was an empty layer underneath. Problem solved!


Great! Glad you managed to work it out :smiley:

I really think that there should be a “Reason” portion when this happens. As a new user, I would have NO way to tell that this is one of the (possibly many) reasons why it failed validation.

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I’ll close this '15 topic now…please open new topic if there is something you’d like to discuss.

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