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CMS Version

4.0 - IIS hosted, Windows 2019

When creating layouts in CMS 3.x you had a timeline down the bottom of the designer, so it was easy to create a slide show of images/media and have it continually looping.

This timeline looks to have gone, and I can’t find reference to it in the documentation, so how do a slideshow now? and how do I edit my existing one?

Some things have changed in V4. Dan explains them in this post.

For a quick answer, we now use playlists.

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As @ProServ has pointed out, if you want to play a slideshow of content in v4 then you use a Playlist.
You can drag the Playlist Widget directly to the canvas. On adding content to the Playlist you will see the timeline, so you can add to a specific point, re-order etc.

If you have created re-usable Playlists these can be added to a Playlist within the Playlist Widget to select:

  • Drag the Playlist Widget to the Canvas.
  • Click the red menu icon in the top right of the Widget to open the Playlist Editor.
  • Add the Playlist Widget to this Playlist.
  • Use the Configuration tab in the properties panel to select which Playlists to use.

Thank you I’ll take a look.

But to be honest - I wish I’d never upgraded to version 4, its been a real headache.

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Thank you for the feedback. Is there anything else I can do to help?

FYI we have a v4.0.2 release coming out at some point today which contains further bug fixes.

To be honest, I thought removing the timeline was also a bad idea, but I understand Xibo’s policy on improving the user experience, and now accept it.
I think it’s just an adjustment period.

Hello, and thank you for the clarifications you’ve provided in this post. Nonetheless, I find myself still puzzled over a few aspects of this new timeline/playlist.

Initially, my goal was to incorporate what used to be a dataset ticker for text display into a playlist. While I have successfully figured out how to append a string of characters into the Dataset list within the widgets, when navigating through my playlist, I only encounter static templates—these are limited to mere spreadsheets or slideshows. Although I’ve engineered a workaround to display a single element from a column devoid of headers, this approach inevitably sacrifices the positioning flexibility offered by the string widget.

Interestingly, I’ve observed that playlists edited during V3 contain Dataset widgets configured as strings—this is precisely the setup I wish to replicate in a new composition. While I’m capable of duplicating and transforming this project, my aspiration is to craft two distinct playlists, each with datasets configured as timelines.

Have I overlooked something crucial? Alternatively, is there a specific setting within the CMS options that needs adjustment?

I appreciate your assistance.

Hi, as you have said, Elements and Data Elements can only be assigned to Layouts and are not available when creating Playlists (which include the older static templates as in v3). Unfortunately the DataSet Ticker in v3 cannot be replicated in a Playlist currently in v4.
We will be looking to address this for the v4.1 release which is planned for the start of next year.

Removing the HTML/CSS options from widgets (unless they are upgraded from v3) was a bold move and perhaps we went too far (or not far enough). Everything you used to be able to do with HTML/CSS in a widget you can now do with developer tools by creating an XML template. Our big task for 4.1 will be to make these tools accessible from inside the CMS.

I am curious whether the DataSet Elements functionality (if that were possible via a Playlist) would fulfil your requirement?

I’ve been using Xibo for years. I recently upgraded from v3 to v4 for a new secure deployment. One of the best widgets was the Dataset Ticker.

  • Is this feature 100% gone from the product?
  • Is there a way to do it via XML and not the UI?

The dataset ticker and customization in previous versions is what set Xibo apart from every other sign company except maybe a few extremely expensive options. I’m very disappointed.

Yes, DataSet functionality is absolutely still available - you have the following options:

  • DataSet elements
  • DataSet static templates (for tabular data)
  • DataSet static templates when on a Playlist
  • Custom DataSet templates via XML (if you need to supply your own custom HTML/CSS/JS)

You click on “DataSet” in the layout editor toolbox and get these options:

If you’re on a playlist you get two more options:


We’re expanding our documentation for the XML approach, this is what we have documented currently: Creating a Module - Widgets | Xibo Digital Signage

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