Layout used in Campaign not updated in player


I have a problem with layout updates when they are used in campaigns.

If a layout is scheduled directly in player than everything works fine. I can update this layout during its scheduled time and it will be updated in player.
If the same layout is part of a campaign that is scheduled on a player than initially everything is fine but if I update the layout that change is not transferred to that player.
It seems as a problem witch CMS cache. If I edit anything on the player config screen and save than the cache is refreshed and updated layout is shown on that player. The same happens if I change anything in the campaign - player is updated.

Xibo version on CMS and player is 1.8.2.
CMS is located on Windows server 2012 and Apache (Xampp). Player is windows 10. I do not use XMR.
Info screen on the player shows nothing.

Any help will be appreciated


Campaigns are functionally just an ordered group of layouts.

If you make changes to the layout then that should be reflected on the player the next time said layout is displayed - assuming player will have enough time to download new required content. It should not be any different if the layout is assigned to a campaign or not.

Without XMR, player will connect to the CMS each collection interval to check for any changes in schedule, content etc.

You might want to enable ‘Expire modified layouts’ in display profile assigned to your device, that can help as well.

Is there any particular reason why you don’t want to use XMR?

Unfortunately it is different. If I schedule layout directly it is updated on player, if this layout is part of a scheduled campaign it is not updated automatically.I know that such problem existed because of this post:

As for XMR - I cannot install ZeroMQ now - maybe in the future.

I will try ‘Expire modified layouts’ option.

Unfortunately ‘Expire modified layouts’ option has been set to 1 all the time.

I don’t know if the bug Alex mentioned has been fixed but it still exists in my Xibo installation.

I have thoroughly tested this case and it really is a bug - cache seems to be updated only when the layout is directly scheduled. When the layout is is scheduled as a part of a campaign it is not updated on a player until something is done to the campaign itself.
I have tried altering screen configuration and nothing changes.
Is there any way to debug this problem?

I run some tests today and indeed I’m inclined to agree with you.

It seems that when layouts are assigned to a campaign that is in active schedule there are no correctly updated on the player - ie the player displays them from cache, which implies that after you make the change to the layout that is part of a campaign it does not correctly clear display’s cache.

Which you can do manually (Edit&Save display / display profile / campaign), but that’s not intended behaviour.

I’ve added a bug report for it here -

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

No problem - if you want to test any fix to this problem let me know, I’ll be happy to help.


Hi, does this bug has been solved? I can still reproduce this issue.

It should be fixed in 1.8.3, are you saying that the issue persists in 1.8.4?

If so, I’ll try to recreate it later today or tomorrow.

Yes, in current 1.8.4 demo account the issue still persists.

My users have reported this too. I run 1.8.5 non docker install.

Make an update: In 1.8.6 it works.

I shall try it at once!