Layout Schedule

I’m having a problem with scheduling.
I’m scheduling a layout to play “always” but after i save it, when i open it it appears as a predefined schedule i’ve made for specific hours. nomather how many times i correct it, it always comes back to this defined shedule i’ve made for other palyers.
Any ideas?

CMS Version 1.8.2
Android Player 1.8


Can you provide a screenshot of the Agenda for your Player?

To access the Agenda, select the Schedule option in your CMS, click on the box named “Select Displays” above the Calendar and choose the Display you are trying to create the Always Event for. Next click the Agenda button, likely in the top right corner of the page.

Please also provide a screenshot of the Edit Event page for the Event too. You can access it by clicking on the Event icon on your Schedule Calendar.

Many Thanks.

Hello DanBW.
Thanks for your reply
here are the screenshots
Hope this is what your asking for

Another funny thing:
Now i´ve scheduled it from x time and date to y time and date. saved and it was ok. it assumed. But if i put always, it goes back to the predifined schedule.
the funny (or not so funny) thing is that at the end of the loop, i can see a couple frames from a video from a completly different layout…

You have replied with 2 different Edit Event screenshots, with different Dayparting Settings. The image of your Agenda suggests that the Layout is set to display Always.

Can you confirm which Edit Event screenshot matches the Agenda screenshot?

I would recommend upgrading your CMS to the Latest version, which is currently 1.8.11, as many bugs have been fixed since 1.8.2.

Many Thanks,

Hello Dan!
Thanks for your help
Actually both screenshots are correct. I wanted to show you that eventhough i save always, i then open the schedule and it appears as “Manhã Arsenio”, the personalized schedule i wrote about.
In the agenda, it appears as always but in the calendar, “Manhã Arsenio”.
It had never happened before.
Should i clear cache before upgrading? Is it backwards compatible with windows client versions? All my windows clients are in the latest version.

Thank you for clarifying about the screenshots.

You can clear your cache before the upgrade to see if this helps but I would still recommend upgrading to the latest version.

1.8.11 is backwards compatible so there should be no issues regarding client version.

Many Thanks.

Many thanks again, Dan!
All the best!

Hello again, Dan!
I found out what the issue was and i think it’s some kind of bug:
When i have similar layouts, lets say 1080x1920 to create with same definitions, i used to duplicate an existing layout. I wouldn’t check the box to copy the contents and i’d start loading contents to that layout.
It happens that for some reason, that it would create 2 equal layouts on the same page.
Yesterday i scrolled down and there was then initial layout on the same page below the new layout. So, the player would run both layouts in two layer, being the new one on top of old one… weird, no?
So, when i had a transition from a picture to a video in the desired layout, maybe beacuse it take a little longer to render, we would see the running video of the “ghost” layout that was running in background. :thinking:
i’ve upgraded the cms now, i’ve tried to do the same but for now it copies the content of the old layout but at least, i cannot see a duplicated layout in bottom as before…
Let’s hope it keeps that way. :smiley:
But still, it doesn’t matter wether i check the box for copying the content or not, it does copy them anyway.
And it looks like even if i delete this “Layout A versionB” and create a new one with the same name after that, a message appears saying that there’s a layout with that name already. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thanks again

Did you upgrade yet? There’s literally hundreds of issues resolved since 1.8.2.

If you still have the issue on 1.8.11, please give us exact steps to reproduce and we will look in to it.

Hi Alex!
Yes i did the upgrade.
But the last description is already with the upgrade
“But still, it doesn’t matter wether i check the box for copying the content or not, it does copy them anyway.
And it looks like even if i delete this “Layout A versionB” and create a new one with the same name after that, a message appears saying that there’s a layout with that name already.”

Do you have “web” in the URL you use to access the CMS?

To clarify what you’re saying, if you create a layout with an image in it, and then copy that layout and ensure that the duplicate media items box is not ticked, in the library there’s a duplicate of the media item created there?

That’s what that box controls - if it reuses items in the media library or makes copies of each when the layout is duplicated.

It has nothing to do with the layout name or whether widgets are copied in to the new layout or not.

The cms is in a webserver i access it through the web, in a domain i’ve created

If i duplicate the layout even with the media items box not ticked, it still copies the media to the new layout.
Then, let’s say i create a layout named “Layout” and then duplicate it, automatically, it will give it the name “Layout 2”. If I then delete this “layout 2”, it desapears from the list as it was deleted. Nevertheless, if i duplicate the “Layout” again, it will give it the name of “Layout 2” again. but then, when i click SAVE, it will return the message saying it already exists, evethough it was deleted and it’s not listed in the layouts list anymore. So i guess it keeps the name or even the layout, somewhere and the delete was not a real delete

That’s the expected behaviour. The tick box controls whether or not duplicates of the media in the layout are created in the media library, not whether the existing media is copied in the duplicate layout or not.

I suspect you’re retiring the layout rather than deleting it. If you retire a layout it will go from the list of layouts, but will still be in the system. You can change the filter to see retired layouts, and delete those if you wish.

I see. My fault

Nop. I’m deleting it. I have no retired layouts

On a local CMS here, I’ve created a layout, copied it, deleted it, copied it again, and it all works as expected.

Please can you recreate this with the Report Fault wizard running.

Please can you also confirm whether you have web in the URL you use to access the CMS? eg