Layout Preview , changing Loading layout image


Is there a way to change the Loading layout image that appears right after previewing .


You can create a White Label for your CMS, which will adjust the Logo on the Preview Layout screen. If you would like to know more, I would recommend visiting the below link:

Many Thanks.

Yes I know about white label.
Thanks for the input.

I was wondering if somebody knows where this image is placed inside the container to replicate it outside at in the custom theme.


You can create your own Custom Theme for your CMS by following the below Guide:

The CMS Logo and Preview Layout background image (also known as the Preview Splash) use the same file, named xibologo.png. You can replace the image file in your Theme and keep it named xibologo.png, which will change both the CMS Logo and the Preview Splash in your CMS.

I have included below a link to the css file that contains the Preview Splash elements, for reference:

We strongly recommend not modifying this value and instead creating a custom theme for your CMS, using the method I mentioned. Please note that if you do modify this CSS file, any changes will be replaced when you upgrade your CMS.

Many Thanks.

Definively you rock !!

I’m using the Logo according (at least I think) accordng to Themes | Xibo Digital Signage
So if i have My logo under xibologo.png it should appears before Previewing a layout screen (loading screen) then I have something quite not right , see my path :

Any thoughts?