Layout not updating

I’m using the Xibo cloud product with the current CMS version, currently with one display. I created a layout and scheduled it to display always on an assigned display. The layout displayed correctly. I changed the layout and requested a collect to update the display but the display did not update. I’ve deleted the schedule and rescheduled, I’ve saved the layout as a template and then created and scheduled a new layout, I’ve manually requested several collections. I can’t get the display to update. After restarting the display host, it now only displays the splash screen that I configured and will not update the the newly created layout. I’ve also had to restart the player a few times because of a locked resource error.

Please advise as to what I can do to troubleshoot this.

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Hi Jerry! Welcome to the Xibo Community :slight_smile:

I imagine you have checked that the network connection is fine? If that’s the case please check the Logs in your CMS to see what error might have been reported regarding this Player.

You can access the Player logs by going to CMS> Logs> change the duration at the top if needed as it’s usually set to 120 sec > then go to the advanced tab and filter by Display Name.

It sounds like the Player can’t currently download the Schedule from CMS and if there are no Default Layout set up for that Player it will by default show the Xibo Splash screen if it can’t find anything scheduled.

Please send us screenshot of the Player log if you’re unsure about the meaning of the error message.

I can request screenshots and they return with the current timestamp, so it is connected to the network. I added a default display. No dice. Here is the first page of the logs in this pastebin.

I just renamed the library directory on the display to force a collection. It now pulls part of the layout. There is a text block, 1 image and a flip clock. The text is the only thing displaying. When I preview the layout in the CMS, it displays as expected.

Thank you for your message. I took a look at that pastebin link you provided and it loos like you have the update window for that Player set to 23:00 to 00:00, which could explain why it is not downloading at the moment.

My first suggestion would be to:

  • Log into your CMS and go to the Displays option
  • Click the button at the end of the Display and choose Edit from the menu.
  • Now in the Edit Display window, go to the Profile Settings tab.
  • You should see an option named Download Window Start time, click the box to the right and amend this to 00:00
  • Save to confirm.

Now that you have amended your profile. you will need to wait for your Player to connect to your CMS and receive those Profile changes. According to your pastebin, you have a 1 minute collect interval so it should not take long. I would recommend allowing a few minutes, just in case.

Now restart the Player. This should enforce those changes to the profile and change the download window. Your Player should hopefully begin to download the remaining media and display it on your player once finished.

If this does not resolve the issue, please try going to the Modules option in your CMS and clicking the Verify All button. Then wait for the Player to connect again to see if this resolves the issue.

If both of my suggestions do not resolve the issue, please let us know.

Many Thanks.

I did both. Still no media. I rebooted the player host and got an error indicating that the service hadn’t started up yet so I wrote a batch file delaying player startup by 30 seconds and then the watchdog 10 seconds after that, so that bit was an easy fix. :slight_smile: Let me know the next steps to troubleshoot.

I wanted to mention that this layout did load as expected at one point. I didn’t like the margins in the text block so I edited that. When the display updated, the text with the correct margins did update but the clock and the image disappeared… and so here we are.

Thank you for letting me know that the suggestions did not resolve the issue. I can see from your original message that you have a cloud hosted CMS. At this point I would recommend opening a ticket on the Xibo Help Desk, this way someone can take a closer look at your Layout, Display and all the logs that will give us more insight.

Below is a link you can use to open a ticket. Please remember to include the URL for your CMS. You could also make reference to this community post so you don’t have to go over the same suggestions again.

Many Thanks.

Thank you Dan. I’ve submitted a ticket. I’ll post back once we figure out what’s going on.