Layout not playing for full duration

So one of our layouts has a hour and a half video playing, the duration is set right ( 1566 seconds) i have scheduled it with some other layouts but i notice it will only play about 2-3 minutes of the video before moving onto the rest of the layouts that are also scheduled on. I guess i can just prioritize it and then it will work but was just wondering is this normal behavior? i would have thought it would have gone for the full 1566 seconds.

What CMS / client versions do you use please?

Could you set your video duration to 0 - auto detect, then see if that will work better?

We are using 1.7.7 on both the player and the server.
will try with 0 and see if it plays longer

Yes, please do try that.

Since you have 1.7.7 please make sure that your path to the CMS library in CMS settings is correct (you need fully qualified path), please see ‘Library location’ section of this post for details - Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide