Layout not displaying after uploading images

CMS Version 3.0.2, Player Type Windows

[@alex Apologies, this maybe should be a bug report rather than a request for help, but have written this up to aid others.]

I have uploaded replacement images to update an existing layout. After uploading the images, the layout was no longer displaying and my players reverted to the default layout (mine says “no content assigned”).

Checked and re-applied the display groups, layout allocations to groups, the schedules but to no avail.
I cleared the cache on a client and it had re-downloaded the resources to display the layout that wasn’t running.

I then went to edit the layout and when I tried to re-publish it, it said that one of my images was over the resize limit.

I have resolved this problem by uploading a smaller image and I have been able to republish the layout and everything has returned to normal;

My concerns are that (and are possibly bugs that may need looking into):

  1. this image was accepted into the media library without any warning that it was over this defined limit.
  2. the oversize image has prevented the entire layout from being displayed, as opposed to just not displaying the affected item.

I feel it would also be good practice for overnight maintenance to scan the media library for over-size images and display a notification on the dashboard?

Many thanks,

The CMS will resize the image and then update the layout so that it’s published correctly assuming XTR is configured and running correctly. You can check the status of any media item by looking at the Released column in the media library.

Not showing a layout if part of it can’t be shown is a design decision and is how Xibo functions. If there’s an item that is missing, then the whole layout won’t be shown until that is resolved. That’s how we’ve designed the system to work.

I’m running a docker instance on Ubuntu, so I assume XTR would be working correctly. Is there any way to check this?

I have subsequently uploaded a resized image to replace the one that was oversize, but will try again with the original to see if it gets released. I’ve had to make the released column visible, don’t know if it is visible by default though.

I acknowledge the behaviour by design, is there any chance that a feature can be added to the CMS to detect and warn me I’ve just uploaded something that will break a layout it is applied to?

Check the Tasks page of the CMS and check that the Image Processing task is running and isn’t in an error state.

What’s the size of the longest edge of the image you’re uploading?

The dev team have added an issue to see if we can check on upload the size and warn if it will cause an issue. It wasn’t possible historically but it might be now.

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