Layout "No Result found" by new event

Hey Community,
i’ve upgrade our Xibo from 1.8.9 to 1.8.10 but now, The default User-Group “User” couldn’t select any Layout. by planing an Event!
There only display “No Result found” in the searchbar.

In the Version 1.8.9 it worked.
All other Usergrupes in the new Version works correctly!

Is it a Bug or some ideas?
Could i downgrade Xibo to 1.8.9 like i upgrade it? It’s an Docker installation!


If you log in as an admin do you see all the layouts on the Schedule add event form just fine?
If you do, then your user most likely does not have permissions to any layouts, you’d need to assign that first.

I’ve nothing change at the permissions from the user or the usergroupe.
The Layout are created by them self.

but they didn’t see them at the schedule page.

as Admin i see all layouts an could schedule them, also i see se permissions it looks fine.

I found the issue.

If i check the option “Campaigns” at the “ACL”
The User can select Layouts by “new Event”.

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Thanks!!! I had the same issue.