Layout in campaign is shown for 2 minutes


I have created a campaign with two layouts. The first layout has 12 regions with a ticker which shows data from a dataset. 11 regions has a duration of 1 sec and one region from 20 seconds. But this layout is shown for at least two minutes in my campaign. I also checked the background image, it has a duration from 1 second.

Is there someone who can help me out??? Many thanks in advance.


How many pages from the dataSet does the ticker show?

If you have the duration is per item selected in Ticker and it needs to show couple of pages from dataSet then that would explain why the layout is on the screen longer than you expect.

Hi Peter, thanks for your quick reply. It is a dataset with just 1 row. So that should not be the problem.

Could you export your layout and send it to me via private message please?

I’ll then have a look at it.

Hi Peter, there is no export available. I’m using Xibo 1.6.4. Sorry about that.