Layout ID counter / numbering


hello team, is it possible to reset the layout ID counter?..when you delete a layout and ad another, the number spot jumps from 5 to 7 because you deleted template ID 6. is it possible to reset this counter or refresh to reassign IDs starting from 1?

also I noticed when i delete any medial file example, images from a layout, click on tidy library to do final cleaning…i still see the file in library folder of my server. do dont get deleted straight…any solution please?


It is not possible to reset the ID Counters for your CMS. The reason the Counter ID is exposed is for Debugging and Troubleshooting, it cannot be altered.

I have included a link to the Documentation for the Tidy Library functionality:

The Tidy Library feature can be used in 2 ways: from the Settings option when logged in as a Super Admin or in the Media Library as any User. Can you confirm if you are logged in as a User or Super Admin when using Tidy Library?

If you are logged in as a non Super Admin User, please note that to be able to remove files using Tidy Library, the Logged in User must be the Owner of the Files. The Files must also not be in use on any Layouts or Campaigns and not assigned to any Displays or Display Groups.

Can you also confirm that the User you are logged in as is the Owner of the files and that they are not in use with any other Layouts, Campaigns, Displays or Display Groups?

Many Thanks.


yes i am super admin and owner of files. i guess i will live with it. when you delete a layout, delete a display, their ID doesnt delete and so is the number. therefore you see layout ID 44 as if you have 44 layouts when you only have 10 layout or 20 displays but see 97. then counter for number of displays also counts deleted displays