Layout has invalid dependant


This is my first installation of an Xibo server and I have a configuration problem I think

I installed my Xibo server on Linux and Windows and I always have the same issue with my player. My custom layout is not loaded by the player.

My player on windows 10 pro, is activated and I have created a custom layout to test it. I have put this custom layout as the default layout of my player and i add an event with always option.

But my player never load my layout

media: jquery-1.11.1.min.js. (100%)
media: pdf.js. (100%)
media: 14.ttf. (100%)
media: 12.otf. (100%)
media: xibo-dataset-render.js. (100%)
media: jquery.marquee.min.js. (100%)
media: jquery-cycle-2.1.6.min.js. (100%)
media: xibo-text-render.js. (100%)
media: xibo-webpage-render.js. (100%)
media: moment.js. (100%)
media: pdf.worker.js. (100%)
media: 15.otf. (100%)
media: 13.ttf. (100%)
media: 11.otf. (100%)
media: xibo-image-render.js. (100%)
media: flipclock.min.js. (100%)
media: Chart.min.js. (100%)
media: xibo-layout-scaler.js. (100%)
media: compatibility.js. (100%)
media: 20.png. (0%)
layout: 3.xlf. (0%)

In log of my player I can see “Layout has invalid dependant:20.png” but he file file 20.png exist on my server side and I can preview it

With my latest test I created a layout with just the widget clock and it worked fine but when i had a picture, i have the same issue.

If someone have an idea about my mistake


What is the status of your layout?

I have a “!” in valide column

An invalid layout will not be displayed.

The issue is I have no empty region and the preview in the conception windows is working fine.
In the same layout if I replace the picture by a clock or a web page it’s working fine.

Issue is only with picture widget, where can I find a log file on the server to check what’s happend when the player download the picture file ? on the player side I just have “Layout has invalid dependant:20.png”

Last minute information : This morning, one of my player working fine and accept the layout but the other one no. Except log level Configuration of the players it’s the same …

Layout configuration

This is the hell because I must have a POC working before the end of the week.



I have 2 players A and B. The 2 players is on Windows 10 pro workstation

Until this morning, when I added a picture widget on layout “super Barbone”, Player A and B didn’t display the layout with the message error “Layout has invalid dependant:20.png”. If I removed the picture widget all was working fine.

This morning, on player A, after remove “XiboClient Library”

On player A the following layout is working fine
On player B the following layout is not working

On player A, if I added a new picture in a picture widget. It’s not working.

In your Library path
Can you see 20.png file?

Hi eramin, sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. Out of interest, if you download 20.png from your CMS library:

  • Is the download successful?
  • What is the resolution of the image if you open Properties?

Could you also try creating a Layout that only includes that image and see if that downloads and schedules? If you could also send me a copy of the image I could take a look and test on my own Displays.

Many Thanks.

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