Layout group does not save order on first try

Layout group does not save order on first try.

When you add a new layout to a group, position it, and save it, it loses its position.

It is necessary to reopen the layout group, reposition the layout, and then save again.

By Layout Group I assume you mean Campaigns?

Which CMS version are you using please?

Yes, Now the name to me is Layout Group.

I am testing the version 1.8.6

Do you think there is a better translation we could use for that?

The english is “Campaigns” like for “Advertising Campaign”

I believe that “LAYOUT GROUPS” is ideal because it groups several layouts. becomes more obvious to which it refers.

In the same way that a group of players groups several players.

I do not think Campaign faithfully reflects the function of this option.

For the user, a layout group can be several things, it can be a “Campaign” containing several videos, it can be a personal way to organize as is my case. But in all of them it will always be a “Layout Group”.

Sorry I was not clear - the English and concept is “Campaigns” - which is a widely adopted description of what they are.

The translations in other languages should be a fair reflection of what the concept is called - otherwise people in different languages end up talking about different things, which is not good as then they don’t understand each other.

I was just asking if you’d be happy to translate it better into Campaigns :smile:

Ok. Sorry.

In portuguese “Grupo de Layouts” is good.

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