Layout does not play but the copy of the Layout does


Relatively new to Xibo and trying to get a grasp of troubleshooting.Took a look at

Saw some error messages, but resolved them.

We have the layout that will not play, so i looked into the layout and found media that no longer existed in the library.
I trimmed the media from the layout that wasn’t there anymore. Now the Android client is showing something like this:

54 - Original Layout
40 - *Default Layout

Schedule Status
All layouts(=not scheduled):54, 40(Default)
Next: 2018-12-31 00:00:00
Scheduled Layouts: 40,
Valid Layouts: 40,
Invalid Layouts:

Last 5 log messages:

but when i copy the layout and have it scheduled everything loads and plays out perfectly

71 - Copied Layout
40 - *Default Layout

Schedule Status
All layouts(=not scheduled):71, 40(Default)
Next: 2018-01-01 00:00:00
Scheduled Layouts: 71,
Valid Layouts: 71,
Invalid Layouts:

Any suggestions or input on what to look for? I’m trying to figure out how and why the original layout is “corrupted”, so i can prevent the user from causing the issue in the first place.

Can you send a copy of your layout ? (Export the layout)

Are you using an Android or Windows Player ? A layout won’t play if there is a region without anything inside.

Did you use the “Always” option for both of them ?

In the action bar on the top, click on the second tab and you can see if your layout is “Displayable” or if there is an error.

I have exported the layout.
Will not allow the .zip files to be uploaded here.
Is this something i can email to you?

I am using Android Player, the layout has 1 region inside of it, the full region size 1920x1080
I don’t see the Always options, does this have to do with scheduling?

Under Status in the Xibo client app, there is no Error warning on either display or message that says they are invalid.
In the CMS dashboard, both layouts can be previewed and run.

Firefox has now a new system to send files.

Upload you zip here ->

I will try to help. If I can’t, you’ll need to wait for Alex or Peter :wink:

Here is the link for the layout download

Your link has expired,

You can upload your template on my server
password : xibopassword

Hey is that your xibo theme? thats killer!! just from the login page

It’s not xibo :wink:

It’s Nextcloud, a dropbox-like you can install on your server. Very useful, and not that complicated to configure.

Here is a link :

I didn’t log in, just clicked the link. i was really ticked at myself for a while there because i am crap at web writing and very jelly.:joy:

Thanks for making me feel better.

Hello caminin,

Just uploaded the layout.

I updated my CMS from cloud hosting to 1.82 from 1.79 and the issue is still here, but the new UI looks nice.

If by Cloud hosting, you mean Spring Signage cloud hosting, then do please create a support ticket / send us an email about it - preferably from the same email address as in our Customer Portal, mention the Instance name, layout id and all the details and we will take a look for you.

Your layout seems fine, it works on my player.

How did you try this to schedule your layout ?

  • Go to “Scheduling”
  • Pick your player in the dropdown
  • Remove unnecessary layouts
  • Add your layout with “Always” option activated

I think your first layout was not scheduled.