Layout does not open videos or images

Layout does not open videos or images by pressing the ‘i’ key on the client, it does not report any errors in the logs.

It is a server installation in docker 1.8.5, the same version is installed on the client.

Any idea?
Thank you.

When you press the i key, what do you see?

Hi, Dan!
No message appears. See image for you to view.

Everything looks normal - it seems to have downloaded all its required files and is showing layout 2. What are you expecting to happen?

Have you tried with a simple layout, with just some text/image?

I set up a video to run and also an image of our logo.
Only thing that is appearing on the screen is the background image, the video and the logo do not appear even though they have been downloaded from them to the client.

As I said before, it does not return any errors, but the video and the logo do not appear.

The background image you’ve used - is it a PNG? We only support JPG background images on the Windows Player.

Can you confirm that the video and image are in the local library you configured for the Player, along with a 2.xlf file.

I changed an image to a JPG and it did not work.
The video and 2.xlf file are in the client library folder, as can be seen in the following screenshots.
The video file is complete because it runs in Windows Media Player

If you would be kind enough to export your Layout and send it over, we will try it here. You can upload it to and PM me the link.

Edit: removed link for privacy

You have overlapping regions on your layout due to the full screen region you’ve used to hold your background image.

Unfortunately the windows player does not support that configuration (overlapping regions).

If you set your background image as a background instead, it should work. Click the “background” button and then pick your image from the list.

Thanks, Dan! It’s run.

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