Layout Change to failed

I have a problem when I try to work Xibo in a client doesn’t work nothings happens (It’s very suspect the time but i dont know)
The client sucsses this: Screenshot by Lightshot
I investigated and think this is the problem:

The X in the status column means that the layout is invaid. If you send it to a Player it won’t play it.

For a layout to be valid, it must have at least one region and every region must have at least one media item in it.

You might want to read the FAQ article that deals with this:

Thanks Alex
Now all it’s running
I have other question I wont to put other module weather or time I’m have this two:

But my idea is use a Script to put a new weather and clock
You can help me
What I need to do to add other weather or clock?
Now I think this is the problem:

Because I don’t find the option to add scripts or widgets in the Timeline:

Thanks for your time Alex :grin:

We provide modules for weather and clocks. If you don’t like those you can use the Webpage media type or embedded HTMl media type to include HTML or script to do the job. Note however those won’t run if the Player is not connected to the CMS or the internet (wherever the assets for that are hosted) so you are strongly advised to use the built in modules.