Layout/Campaign won't play


I need help trying to get Xibo Player to connect to CMS. I have been searching around a lot for a couple of days but seems like I am near end of the line. I keep getting a message: “Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server” when I hover over the exclamation point. I scheduled a layout to display on Screen 1 but doesn’t play on the Windows 7 Screen 1 through Xibo Player.

Also on my layout, I don’t have any fancy or videos. It’s just two regions not overlapping and just slides two images. I checked my Display Settings > Windows and adjusted update interval to 60 seconds from 900.

Any help would be appreciated!


Make sure that the CMS address and key are correct - it seems that your device is not properly connected to it.

It seems like a problem with your CMS installation, just to check it, you might want to order a free demo hosting with us and connect your player there.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for replying. I am not sure whats causing the CMS and the Player to not communicate but I was able to ping each other and they both are Windows 7 Pro. I also disabled the firewall but still no success. Only thing is that the Windows 7 Pro machine that has the player is on the domain and the CMS is not on the domain. Not sure if that will cause it to not work. But I tried joining the CMS to the domain but still with no success still.

Any help would be helpful.