Layout background still display after video end

Hi, We use Xibo here for about 2 months only so i still face some problems. My first layout that display within a campaign contain 3 portions all full screen, two 10 sec text at the beginning and a video that long for about 117 sec. This layout also use a background photo. My problem is that when the video finish, the background still show for a long second before it roll to the second layout in my campaign. At the beginning i put 117 sec in the video duration. Since i read here that we can use 0 duration and Xibo should find the end itself, i try it without success. I also test reduce the video duration to less, but even that still make not better and i may loose some video at the end if i cut to much time. I also test this layout alone and still the same behavior. Can you help me on this?

Thank you

What version are you using please?

Is this Windows or Android client?

We are using version 1.7.9 both CMS and Windows 10 client

Also, just to clarify, sorry for my English, when I say “3 portions all full screen” I did not mean 3 “regions overlapping” i have only 1 region full screen that show 3 items in a row (10,10 and 117 sec) one after the other and this region had a background image.

hm right I see, so it’s not overly complicated layout, is the background image a .jpg ?

So after this layout finish, it shows about 1s only background and then proceed to play the layout again?
that about 1s might be the time needed by the player to transition between layouts, although it should be quicker.

I guess we could test it on one of our devices here in the office to see if it will be the same, if you could send us your layout please - upload it to dropbox/similar and share the download link with me here on via pm.

No, I think that is pretty basic thing for you. Yes the background it’s a .jpg

In fact, my basic campaign that i create use 5 layouts and 4 of them use a .jpg as background, but only the first layout got this problem, also that is the only layout that have a video in it. May be related?

I will send you this layout, I will send a link via pm today.

Thanks for your help!

It actually should be .jpg on Windows client, .png etc might cause playback issues.

I’ve received your layout, will test it later today.

It looks fine on one of our work laptops (nothing too fancy, integrated GPU), what’s the specification of the devices you use please?

It displays the background+text, background+text then video
After that layout reloads (quick black flash) and back to background+text and so on.

Since it’s the only layout with video and the only layout causing little issues on your devices, then yeah I’d say it’s probably related.

Make sure all the drivers, .net etc are up to date.

Our 4 displays (LG commercial display) all run with player on Intel NUC 64 bit, N3700 1.6GHz Pentium CPU with 2.0 GB of ram. Currently running Windows 10 Home with 1607 release. Everything seem to be up to date but with windows 10 as I’m not too familiar with, I’m not sure even when going to control panel how to see if things like .net framework are up to date.